About Lord Ahriman

Lord Ahriman: The True Emperor amongst the Kings of Swedish Black Metal

Behold! And surrender your feeble soul to the unholy abyss. This is where the blackest of Metal dwells.

When you speak of Black Metal, there is no way you can omit one of the lands of the three crowns — Sweden. Dark Funeral, the ineffable kings of Black Metal, are one of the originators of Swedish Black Metal and this well-suited title was bestowed upon by many of the loyal fans throughout the world. The band was formed in 1993 and there would be no Dark Funeral without the much respected, remaining founding member, Lord Ahriman.

Originally from Luleå, a small town in northern Sweden, Lord Ahriman was raised by a somewhat musical family where he developed an interest in music at a very young age. He founded his songwriting abilities around 1989 and formed his first band Satan’s Disciples (1989-1992) when he was still living in Luleå. He moved to Stockholm in 1991 and two years later, Dark Funeral was born.

On May 4, 1994, the band surprises the world with the unexpected, now considered legendary, self-financed and self-titled EP "Dark Funeral". Followed by this release, the band altered the perception of Black Metal forever with the first full-length album "The Secrets of the Black Arts" in 1996. Praised by many fans and critics alike, the debut album is deemed to be one of the first so-called anthemic Melodic Black Metal albums of all time. The melodies and the guitar work are so unique that people do not believe their ears and think that the sound, vibe and atmosphere are created by keyboards. However, there are no keyboards.

Dark Funeral has now released six full-length albums. During the course of time, the band has also received two highly-regarded awards — P3 Guld: Rock/Metal and Metal Hammer Awards: Metal Anthem — for the sixth full-length album "Where Shadows Forever Reign" in 2016. In 2018, the founding member, Lord Ahriman, also received another highly-regarded award — SKAP: Metal Award — as a composer; SKAP quoted: “he alone sits on the throne of the kingdom of dark metal; he creates raging music with moods and sounds that send shivers down the spine and are loved by fans all over the world”.

On March 18, 2022 Dark Funeral released their seventh full-length album "We Are The Apocalypse". The new album is unwavering in its intention to draw listeners further into a realm of true evil and lament, that is where Dark Funeral are, and have always been, their strongest. The outstanding guitar work by the band's mastermind, Lord Ahriman, captures a truly sinister atmosphere that is further improved on since the debut album and is yet to be still matched by any.

To this day, Dark Funeral’s music is born from Lord Ahriman’s inner darkness and unique shredding techniques.


2022 | Dark Funeral | We Are The Apocalypse
2016 | Dark Funeral | Where Shadows Forever Reign
2015 | Dark Funeral | Nail Them To The Cross [Single]
2009 | Dark Funeral | Angelus Exuro pro Eternus
2008 | Dark Funeral | Attera Orbis Terrarum - Part 2 [Live]
2007 | Dark Funeral | Attera Orbis Terrarum - Part 1 [Live]
2005 | Dark Funeral | Attera Totus Sanctus
2004 | Dark Funeral | De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine [Live]
2001 | Wolfen Society | Conquer Divine
2001 | Dark Funeral | Diabolis Interium
2000 | Dark Funeral | Teach children to worship Satan [EP]
1998 | Dark Funeral | Vobiscum Satanas
1996 | Dark Funeral | The Secrets Of The Black Arts
1994 | Dark Funeral | Dark Funeral | MCD [EP]

Music Awards:

- P3 GULD: Rock/Metal "Where Shadows Forever Reign" [2016]
- Metal Hammer Awards: Metal Anthem "As One We Shall Conquer" Song [2016]
- SKAP “Metal Award” [2018/Songwriter]

Previous Bands:

Satans Disciples [1989-92]

Guest Appearances:

The Electric Hellfire Club - Electronomicon [2002]
Thookian Vortex - Track: Into The Nagual - Co-writing [2007]
Wolfpack 44 - The Scourge [2016]

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